Sicilian Delights!

I had the pleasure of tasting 2 courses of Fine Sicilian cuisine recently.

Course I – Deep Friend Sardine With Lime Sauce

The humble sardine is chokeful of vitamins and minerals. It was deep fried nicely with no residual oil on its texture, leaving it a delightful taste to the diner. I found the presentation or plating interesting and the piquant lime taste leaving if crispy on the outside and extremely flavorful on the inside.

Course 2 – Sea Bass With Black Truffles


Sea Bass Carpaccio is the main ingredient in this dish. This particular sea bass was apparently not farmed and its flesh was neatly sliced and placed neatly in a square formation.

To accentuate this humble and most often used fish, rockets, parsley sprigs, and slices of black truffles were used.

Yes, black truffles! This is what makes the dish unique as we all appreciate a good truffle was my first impression.

My only downside comment to this dish was that sadly I could not detect the fresh lemony taste and that the black truffles was not used to accentuate the taste of this dish. It had zero impact on the Carpaccio and the aromas were not visible and the truffles were not fresh or was it the case of not enough slices to bring out the flavors?


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